This Is Why Optimal Kleen Is The Number ONE Detox Drink On The Market

//This Is Why Optimal Kleen Is The Number ONE Detox Drink On The Market

When it comes to passing a urine or saliva drug test, you may have come across dietary supplement ads, advice to ‘sweat’ the toxins out in a sauna, and other similar absurd remedies.

You may even have been tempted to give a few of them a try only to face a resounding ‘fail’ when officially tested.

Manufactured detox drinks knock all other methods out of the park because they consist of the right amount of fluids and natural herbs to flush out toxins and residual substances from your system.

Optimal Kleen is one such detox drink—no side effects, effective with a 99.99% success rate.

Here’s why it’s the number one detox drink on the market.

Helps Clear A Urine and Saliva Test In ONE Hour

Optimal Kleen is specifically made for saliva and urine cleanse. Its unique formula rids the body of all toxins within 60 minutes of consumption and has lasting effects to up to 3 hours.

The orange-flavored drink is made with an innovative scientifically-proven formula which consists entirely of organic ingredients like powerful herbs, vitamins, creatine and fiber. These are added in precise quantities to enable the product to be a potent flushing agent that shows its effects after just one hour.

Is Instant-Acting and Undetectable In Tests

This natural cleanse drink is the fastest method to rid your body of drugs. It works on all toxins like cocaine, opiates, marijuana, nicotine, meth, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and legal weed.

What makes Optimal Kleen completely undetectable in most drug testing methods is that it contains zero amounts of Golden Seal—which is traceable in tests.

Has NO Side-Effects

This breakthrough cleansing drink hit the market after five years of extensive research and the same number of years in rigorous laboratory testing.

This makes Optimal Kleen an all-natural detoxification drink that’s absolutely safe to drink. You don’t have to worry about experiencing unpleasant side-effects after consumption.

Users Don’t Need To Abstain From Drugs Before Consumption

While many detox products only work when the user abstains from drug use leading up to the cleanse, Optimal Kleen is the ONLY detox drink that does not have any such requirements.

This means that users of Optimal Kleen are free to indulge whenever they choose to and still be completely toxin free within 60 minutes of consumption.

No Extra Preparation Needed Before Use

You can consume Optimal Kleen on the spot, after mixing it with water. Drink around 32 oz. of water at least an hour before having the product. The effects of the drink are strongest between the first and second hour after consumption.

Optimal Kleen retails for $69.95 only and is available with worldwide shipping. Order the drink today to experience 99.99% effective toxin cleanse within an hour.

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