Whether it’s fitness experts or health enthusiasts, they all swear by organic detox drinks and their toxin eliminating properties.

It’s not surprising that a lot is said and written about these near-miraculous drinks—not all of it true, though. Instead of believing absurd myths, educate yourself about the real uses of detox products.

To help you, here are the 3 most widespread misconceptions regarding detox drinks and their effects.


Drug Users Cannot Become Completely Toxin-Free Via Detox Drinks

This might be true for fraudulent products that are simply not effective in actually removing toxins. The good thing is, there are manufactured detox drinks with a 99.99% success rate.

Optimal Kleen is one such uniquely powerful body detoxification product, launched after 5 years of meticulous lab testing and product research.

This myth has led to some confusion about detox drinks including:

Time taken for the detox to take effect: Instantaneous results are quite possible with scientifically proven formulas like Optimal Kleen that take effect within 60 minutes. Not only that, users remain completely toxin-free for up to 3 hours.


Drug test detection: Manufactured detox drinks that do not contain Golden Seal can easily pass a urine or saliva drug test without detection. Optimal Kleen meets this criterion and is ideal to clean the body of toxins from opiates, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.


Drug abstinence: It’s true that most detox drinks in the market only work if the users abstain from drugs for at least 48 to 72 hours before consumption. One of the many reasons Optimal Kleen is the only product of its kind is because users can indulge and still enjoy absolute body detoxification within 1 hour.

Detox Drinks Have No Effect On Body Weight

If you think that detox drinks are just a passing fad in helping weight reduction, you’re wrong.

Toxins are stored and accumulated in the body’s fat cells.

Detox drinks boost the metabolism process, causing the body to release these stored toxins. This in turn allows quicker fat digestion.

Not only are these natural cleanse drinks good for controlling weight, they also help in managing symptoms of some chronic diseases. Sufferers of autoimmune diseases, mild headaches and chronic pain can benefit from regular use of detox drinks.

Note: If you are undergoing severe medical issues, it’s best to consult a doctor before starting any detox program.


Manufactured Detox Drinks Are Unsafe For Consumption

This one is nothing more than a groundless claim. While the end-user should take their medical history in consideration before selecting a detox drink, the large majority of drinks are safe for drinking purposes.

The users of Optimal Kleen experience a thorough body cleanse without going through side-effects. This is because it’s a detox product made entirely of natural ingredients like herbs, creatine, fiber and vitamins. An organic detox drink like that contains no harmful substances or chemical preservatives, rendering it absolutely safe for consumption.

It’s unfortunate that some of the myths about natural body cleanse drinks cause people to miss out on its impressive uses and benefits. With this post, we hope to have separated fact from fiction when it comes to detox drinks.

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