It doesn’t matter if you aim to support a major system cleanse, want to boost your energy level or remove all traces of drug-related toxins from your body.

An all-natural body detoxification with a scientifically proven formula is all you need to maintain optimal body functions and pass drug tests.

Although fruit and vegetable-based detox drinks have their benefits, there’s nothing like a lab tested product like Optimal Kleen with potent detoxification ingredients to give you ultimate results.

If you’re searching for a detox drink to make you completely toxin-free, here’s what you should look for:


 Will It Help You Pass A Drug Test?

One of the most important factors to consider when picking a manufactured detox drink is if it was launched after extensive research to allow users to pass drug tests.

While users should make the final decision after surveying the market on their own, a green signal is a product that has undergone at least 5 years of product research and lab testing.

Common Toxin Sources: Optimal Kleen is one such detox drink that successfully cleanses bodily toxins from sources like meth, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, weed, nicotine, alcohol, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines within 60 minutes. The drink is useful for saliva and urine drug tests and has a 99.99% success rate.

Undetectable: All-natural toxin eliminating drinks need to be free of Golden Seal—an instantly detectable herb. In addition to being 99.99% effective in removing toxins, Optimal Kleen has the added benefit of being completely devoid of Golden Seal, making it one of the best detox drinks for a drug test.

 Do You Have To Abstain From Toxins Before Use?

You may find several detox drinks that require the user to be toxin-free for around 48 to 72 hours for them to be effective. A truly potent drink like Optimal Kleen does not place any such restrictions on the end-user. This means that they do not have to avoid toxins before drinking the product for it to work successfully.

 What Makes The Product Different From The Rest?

There are a multitude of body cleanse drinks out there, all claiming to be the ‘one’. However, there are some unique markers that may help you pick the right product. Some of these include:

Time: A well-manufactured drink should give noticeable results within 60 minutes. Also, these effects should be able to long for up to 3 hours. This is an ample time window to take a urine or saliva drug test.

Safety: As with any other product that requires consumption, a natural cleanse drink needs to be 100% safe for users. Optimal Kleen consists of only organic ingredients with detoxification properties like creatine, herbs, essential vitamins and fibers.

Availability: If the product is reputable, it will have a wide customer-base, spanning several continents. So, when choosing a detox drink, verify its availability. A product that has worldwide shipping is usually a good sign of high customer demand.

Finding a detoxification drink shouldn’t be difficult. With a product like Optimal Kleen you can be sure to see results within 60 minutes and be completely toxin-free for up to 3 hours.

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