Whether you want to support a full-blown body cleanse or just want to mask toxins before a test, detox drinks enrich a healthy lifestyle that revitalizes your body and mind.


1. Improved liver and bladder function

If you are a habitual consumer of alcohol, caffeinated beverages or nicotine, you may benefit the most from detox drinks. A regular dose of detox will filter out toxins found in these sources from your liver and bladder.

  • Cucumbers:According to Washington Post eating cucumbers make up 26% of our daily water intake that helps to keep your body well hydrated. Detox drinks consisting of cucumbers are rich in diuretics. They stimulate the bladder to produce more urine to purge bodily toxins.

2. Inflammation control

If you want a drink with anti-inflammatory properties consider drinking light detox drinks.

According to the International Journal of Inflammation, Cancer and Integrative Therapy such drinks reduce the free radicals in your body which cause inflammation.

Some of the popular ingredients to use are:

  • Watermelon:It reduces the effects of free radical damage while enriching the body with up to 17% vitamin A and 21% vitamin B to fight against inflammation.


  • Ginger:As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information, studies show that ginger is effective against most inflammations; ginger consumed with tea purifies your body from within.


3. Youthful skin

Skin shows signs of aging like wrinkles and dryness because of the high levels of chemical deposits on it from products.

Detox drinks made of raspberries, grapefruit and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and purifies your dermis and rejuvenates skin.

4. Lean body


Detox drinks help you lose weight naturally by boosting the body’s metabolism. Some of the fruit based detox drinks that aid in weight loss are:

  • Raspberries:According to a 2015 study raspberries are rich in ketones that prevent weight gain as well as Vitamin B and C that keep your skin glowing.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar:Your metabolism is increased by the high dose of acetic acid found in apple cider. It also contains digestion-aiding enzymes that make you feel less bloated after a heavy meal.
  • Lemon:A water based lemon detox is high in pectin fiber and assists in shedding extra pounds. This fiber makes your body feel fuller for an extended time period.


5. Energy Boosts

Toxic overload can weigh heavy on your mind. Detox drinks work to combat bodily toxins to cleanse you from within leaving you feeling remarkably energetic.

Rosemary, lemon and mint are some of the ingredients that reduce fatigue and heighten mental alertness. Detox based on these ingredients restores your hydration levels and helps you feel energetic.


6. Masks toxins

According to a new drug test analysis done by Quest diagnostics the percentage of U.S workers tested positive for drugs rose to 4% in 2015. Detox drinks like Optimal Kleen that is instant-acting work to mask toxins from marijuana, cocaine, legal weed etc.

No matter what reason you want to detoxify your body for: to lose weight, to boost metabolism or to mask toxins, detox drinks work to improve your overall health.


Optimal Kleen

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