Some may think it’s not easy to pass a marijuana test—but that’s simply because they’ve been knocking on the wrong door.

Optimal Kleen is a detox drink that is manufactured specifically to help you pass urine and saliva drug tests—two of the most widely used tests for detecting marijuana use.

If you’re scheduled for a marijuana test, this is the only body detoxification product on the market with a guaranteed 99.99% success rate.

Let’s discuss exactly how Optimal Kleen helps you pass a marijuana drug test.


What Do Marijuana Drug Tests Look For?

One of the main chemical compounds found in marijuana is THC or cannabinoids. All drug tests including urine, saliva, hair, blood—even fingernails—search for traces of it or its metabolites to confirm drug consumption.

How To Be THC-Free In An Hour

With a ground-breaking product like Optimal Kleen, you don’t have to worry about testing positive within 24 hours of using marijuana. In fact, you don’t even need to abstain from marijuana use before drinking Optimal Kleen for it to be effective—making it the only product like it.

This detox drink is made with powerful, natural ingredients including herbs, fiber, vitamins and creatine added in precise quantities to make the user completely THC free all within 60 minutes.

Optimal Kleen is manufactured with a unique, scientifically-proven formula that was launched after 5 years of thorough research and testing to guarantee results that last up to 3 hours. There are no side-effects of consuming this drink.

Optimal Kleen Is Undetectable In Urine and Saliva Tests

Optimal Kleen is a natural cleanse drink which is instant-acting and completely undetectable in most drug tests because it is free of Golden Seal—an easily traceable substance in tests. This is one of the many reasons why users find it to be the best detox drink for a drug test.

It’s not just effective for marijuana, though. If you’re a user of cocaine, opiates, meth, alcohol, amphetamines and benzodiazepines, all you need to do is drink Optimal Kleen to rid your system of these toxins in an hour and remain clean for up to 3 hours.

Get Your Bottle Today

There are no side-effects of consuming Optimal Kleen—just successful results.

This all-natural detox drink requires no extensive preparation prior to consumption. All users need to do before consumption is drink 32 oz. of water.

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