All major drug tests include cocaine-testing, with urine or saliva tests being the most common testing methods. There are many factors that can impact drug detection, such as amount of drug used, metabolic rate, age and overall health.

Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, if you’ve used cocaine, you need to know how to pass a cocaine drug test.

Achieving clean results can be as easy as using a detoxification product.


How Do You Pass A Drug Test? Optimal Kleen—The Best Detox Drink For Instant Detoxification

Optimal Kleen is a detox drink with a 99.99% success rate, removing all traces of toxins from your body within 1 hour. It is the number one detox drink in the market today, because of its ability to successfully pass urine and saliva drug tests.

Within 60 minutes of consumption, your body will not only be free of traces of cocaine but also of other types of toxins like marijuana, nicotine, meth, weed, opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.

Optimal Kleen is made with a unique, thoroughly researched, scientifically-proven formula containing all-natural ingredients such as creatine, fibers, vitamins and herbs. This means users will be safe from any side-effects.

· Be Toxin-Free For Up To 3 hours

This potent drink is instant-acting and effective, making you toxin-free for up to 3 hours. One of the many things that makes this product a cut above the rest is that it is completely undetectable in modern drug tests. How? It is free from Golden Seal—a herb that may cause false-negative drug screen results.

· Only Detox Drink Like It!

Optimal Kleen is the only product like it because users can expect optimal results without having to avoid toxins before consumption. All other detox products require you to be toxin-free for 48 or 72 hours to provide any level of effectiveness.

This detox drink is absolutely safe and effective for body detoxification. It was launched after 5 years of extensive research and 5 years of modern laboratory testing. Light to heavy users weighing up to 300 lbs. require a 16-fl.oz. dose to test clean. Optimal Kleen is most potent between the first and second hour after consumption.

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